Tom Condon started working as a newsboy at age 12.  He learned, very quickly that delivering newspapers in the 1950’s was about knowing your customers, delivering on promises, and finding unique ways add value. Tom grew his paper route because of his reputation for reliable, consistent service, and his willingness to go above and beyond for customers; such as tracking down an out of town newspaper or making deliveries on his sled in a snow storm.

Those core principles were the foundation for Tom launching his own Certified Public Accounting firm in 1972.  That firm is known today as Condon & Lapsley, LLC, and provides comprehensive tax services to over 400 individuals, families and small business owners.  Many Condon Wealth Management clients utilize the ancillary tax services and expertise of Condon & Lapsley, LLC.

In the early 1980’s, Tom became increasingly concerned about financial literacy and began providing financial planning support to his tax clients.

In the 1990’s, Tom had a vision for creating a financial services business that would combine financial planning, investment advice, Insurance, and tax services.  In 1999, he founded TLC Financial Advisors and began providing these coordinated financial services to his clients.

In 2002, Tom’s son Sean M. Condon joined the firm and together they re-branded the business under the Condon name and created Condon Wealth Management, Inc.