At Condon Wealth Management we know that our success is measured by the success of our clients.  Our dedication to our client’s success is reflected in everything we do and is guided by the following principles:

Act with Integrity and place our client’s interests first

Since Tom Condon started his accounting practice in 1972, his commitment has always been to act in his client’s best interests.  Our firm provides financial guidance and based on open, honest interaction and adherence to a written code of ethics.

Listen attentively and understand our client’s needs

It is our sincere desire to get to know our clients and understand their needs.  We make a point listen to our client’s story in order to learn about the non-financial aspects of their lives. From this we gain important insight on what’s important to them, which allows us to provide more impactful advice and personalized service. 

Maintain a position of independence and objectivity

We strongly value our independence.  Our client-centric approach places the primary focus on delivering sound advice and solutions, not on selling financial products. We are always open to discussing our business model and how it sets us apart from many other firms in our industry.

Adhere to a fiduciary duty standard of care

We hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standards.  We believe that it is our client’s right to fully understand all material facts, conflicts of interest, and fees.

Service clients with a team approach

We fundamentally believe that clients receive greater benefits from working with a team of professionals versus a single advisor.  We utilize in-house expertise and carefully selected alliances as needed; we offer a range of resources to make sound financial recommendations.

Practice what we preach

We manage our own financial affairs and invest our own personal assets based on the same set of principles, process, and strategies that we recommend to our clients.